Calculating Lash weights

Let’s talk volume lash weights;

One of the biggest issues we face today in the lash industry is unsafe weighted premade lashes available for purchase from suppliers. Just because you can you can buy 10D 0.07 doesn't mean you should. Here is why: 


A huge misconception with premade volume lashes is how the weight is calculated.

 2x 0.10mm extensions are often assumed to have the same weight as 1x 0.20mm extension, but this is incorrect. Lash extensions are measured from the diameter at the widest point. When two 0.10mm extensions are placed next to each other they equal the same measurement horizontally but not the same vertically.

As shown in the diagram below, placing 2x 0.10mm extensions within a 0.20mm extension leaves a lot of negative space this is why 2x 0.10mm do not equal the same weight as 1x 0.20 extension.

Now that we understand negative spacing we can look at a conversion chart. 
 A 3D 0.07 fan = the same weight as 1x 0.12mm classic lash. 
Still need a visual? Don't worry babes, we've got your back: 

When training to become a lash technician we are taught mostly with 0.12mm and 0.15mm classics. Hardly ever is 0.20mm used anymore and this is simply because it's too heavy for most clients natural lashes. 

Here at Harper Lash Collective we pride ourselves in supplying Premade Lash extensions that are safe weights. 
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